Melissa received accolades for her portrayal of Julia in the New York International Fringe Festival 2013 production of Two Gentlemen of Verona:

“The love interests of the play, Sonia Hebe as Silvia and Melissa Meli as Julia, are the true stars of the show. Both actresses play their roles unlike any I’ve ever seen…. Julia played by Meli is fun, engaging and full of energy in everything she does. The portrayal of these women is done in a way that serves the text much better than the traditional ways of the quiet ingénues. It baffles me how no one has portrayed this take on them before.” – New York Times Reader Review, Edward Keenan, Matawan, NJ

“Julia and Lucetta, played by Melissa Meli and Laura Mae Baker, are full of life and energy and would be a fantastic Juliet and Nurse combination in the future.” –, JBQuirk27 

Melissa was praised for her 2012 performances with Hudson Shakespeare Company, as Dromio of Syracuse in The Comedy of Errors and as Desdemona in Othello:

“The Comedy of Errors finally belongs to the two Dromios, here played by [Melissa Meli and Laura Mae Baker]…. [They] express a love to each other that the two Antipholuses obviously do not feel, [and] the actresses…make us believe the veracity of their feelings upon their reunion.” Timothy Herrick

“Emilia and Desdemona practically steal the show at the end of act four.” – Timothy Herrick

Melissa is called a “jewel” in this review of Black Henna Productions’ Much Ado About Nothing by Agnes Nixon.