Producing and Acting and Singing – Oh MY! – 2014 Update

This year has been about a lot of exciting preparation. Together with my brilliant and talented friend Vanessa Wendt, I’ve undertaken a wildly ambitious quest: to produce every single one of Shakespeare’s plays. For real. Even King John. We’ve named our venture The Fools & Kings Project. The idea was planted in our brains last year, while Vanessa was in Chicago, when we mused about how wonderful it would be to do A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and play Helena and Hermia. Since she’s been back in town, we’ve revealed the project to the public, and devised plans for our very first production: Midsummer, of course! We’ve hired a wonderful director, Janie Martinez, assembled a stellar cast, and we’re running an Indiegogo campaign. It’s set to go up in a NYC park in mid- to late-June, 2014. Hope to see you there!

Cupcake Lady Productions is also gearing up for some more exciting theatre coming later in the year. But, not ones to sit back and relax, we hosted a sold-out event last month, “A(nother) Taste of Rotten Theatre“. The night featured an Awful Play Contest, which received submissions from all over the country and the world. We presented five finalists, and the grand prize winner was chosen by an esteemed panel of judges and an audience ballot. Fun was had by all.

But I haven’t been lacking for performance opportunities, either! In fact, next Tuesday, May 6th, I’m singing at Don’t Tell Mama as part of Seth Bisen-Hersh’s 300th Showcase Extravaganza! I also sang in Seth’s Not Your Grandma’s Cabaret, and performed in the very first staged reading of a brilliant new musical, The Runaway Clone with Ruckus Rockwell.

Finally (I think that’s it?), I’ve started a blog about my adventures running not-for-profit production companies in NYC, and what it’s teaching me about becoming a better actor. Please read and subscribe to An Actor Produces; I’m hoping some young actors might find it helpful!

More info about Midsummer to follow soon…

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